Friday, July 12, 2013

The Yeshu ha'Notzri conundrum

Why did the Jews not acquiesce and recognize Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshu ha'Notzri) as the Messiah?
They based their messianic scenario on Ezekiel 36, 37: 1) gathering of exiles; 2) reign of the Messianic King, a la David; 3)a new convenant characterized by scrupulous observance of the commandments; 4) eternal peace; 5)a new Temple; and 6) the nations recognize God.
None of these transpired during Jesus' time on earth.
Moses Maimonides, made clear in his "Mishneh Torah" a discussion of Jesus appears in the censored 11th chapter "Hilchot Melachim.
The predominate attitude among the most influential Jewish teachers. Jesus is revealed as a former student of Torah who went seriously off the rails and became a spiritual danger to the people Israel.
His mother was Miriam (Mary), a women's hairdresser, who was married but conceived the baby Yeshu by another man, Pandira -- hence one of Jesus's alternative designations in the Talmud, "Ben Pandira", the son of Pandira."

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