Monday, March 18, 2013

Hostess Twinkies sells out

One of the icons of delicacies, those scrumpdelacious Hostess Twinkies recently declared bankruptcy.
Two buyers made their bids and are going to jointly own the Hostess brand.
The owner of Carl's Jr. and Hardees and the owner of Pabst Blue Ribbon will be the joint partners marketing Twinkies.
Let's just hope they don't decide to add blue food coloring so they can be known as PBT (Pabst Blue Twinkies)!
When I first received my food stamps that's one of the first delicacies I purchased. While I was still camping out in a tent I felt like a king with my Twinkies!
I remember when I worked at Wally World in Bentonville some of the cashiers bad-mouthed people on food stamps who would buy shrimp and other expensive meats.
But you have to be in need to receive food stamps.
I noticed in an article about Paul Ryan's grandiose budget cutting scenario it would impact food stamp program.
I don't think there will be a consensus to stamp out food stamps, pun intended.
Nevertheless, our corporate world continues to consolidate and big companies gobble up other big companies.
Oh, well, at least Twinkies should be twinkling back on the shelves at grocery stories. And we celebrate with a beer, a burger and a Twinkie.
I remember when some gook used the Twinkie defense in his murder trial. He said he consumed too many Twinkies and lost control of himself.
And others blame their obesity on too many Big Macs.
The world is full of baloney heads!
I'll just stick to Twinkies again when I receive my first Social Security benefits.
Twinkie, Twinkie, little stars, how I wonder where you are.

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