Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year

Every New Year we all seek new beginnings and many happy returns.
Most of us fruitlessly make hoped for resolutions but cast them aside and return to our old time-worn habits and don't really change our patterns of living.
I've been reborn recently thanks to three benevolent kindly souls.
One nudged me into writing a blog again.
Sometimes our mentors have the best advice.
If all goes well this blog will eventually be published.
So Happy New Year all ye who desire a renaissance experience!
I'm bag in the blogosphere again!
I've endured many vicissitudes and hope to learn from my faux pas(es) and become a more complete individual during 2011.
Thanks to my three mentors for providing me the withal and the pertinent residence to shelter from the storms of life which I've endured while homeless and roamless.
We all must start anew if we desire to achieve our lifelong goals and aspirations.
Here's hoping 2011 beckons with some enrichment for all those who thirst for righteousness and achievements above and beyond the banalities of every day existence.
The key to life is learning from our past frustrations and reinventing ourselves whenever the window of opportunity arises.
Happy New Year!